last minute shopping…

anne & nicki are going to pick me up
around 10 today to head out and throw
ourselves to the wolves!
ordinarily i would say “let’s just
slit our wrists and get it over with!”
but today i think it will be more fun
than work.

ya see, i’m done shopping and just
simply want to bop around the southdale
area and the galaria. it’ll be festive
and alive and i could use that right
about now. i’be been in the house working
for too long and need to get out!

alright…i just got off the phone with
anne and she is up to her double d’s in
wrapping gifts. it’s the only time
she can haul the hidden treasures out
and get ’em under the tree so the kids
don’t get a glimpse. i told her to relax
and get it worries.
guess i’d better call nicki and change
the plan for the day.

here’ ben (anne’s oldest) giving me a
bed jump when i stopped over the other night.

baby eva…sheena’s niece’s daughter

frost from the other day…so beautiful!

momf board member gift boxes that i put
together the other day. inside each one
is a gift card for a portrait session.
thanks karen!

have i mentioned lately how much i absolutely
LOVE my iphone!???

gotta run…

blog not?

i nearly didn’t get this opportunity but
i’m so glad i did. it’s really become a
part of my daily routine and i apologize
for posting so late on a saturday but
here goes…

after getting up and running out to get coffee
and cream and then cleaning, gary’s brother
came over to, among other things, install my
new leopard program on my G5, my G4 powerbook
and my imac. i know you are asking yourself~
“why does sue need so many darn computers?”
my answer is…i like them. happy? 😉

well, soon after, i experienced a bit of
sickness and had to just lay down…3 & 1/2
hours later? a million bucks! i like napping
anyway so i got to, you know…kill 2 birds.

well, this operating system is quite amazing
and so far everything they said it would be.
and for me, lately, that’s a relief!
it’s very futuristic looking and the interface
is as well…so cool! i mean, it’s not a baby
like ian or anything but nonetheless, i love it!
i’m pretty certain that i will mention it again
so watch for a more in depth review from
yours truly!

okay, moving on…
i met two amazing families yesterday at the
airport hilton (the hotel with a heart!).
first a 15 year old young man afflicted with
cancer that can’t wait to turn 18 so that he can
marry his sweetheart (who was also in attendance)

then a bit later the other family arrived.
this little guy is quite the inspiration.
he’s 7 and a boatload of energy! he and his
11 year old brother were a little concerned
that we weren’t staying (that was totally aDORable!)
but before we left i had little “m” give me
one of his best “bed~jumps” for me…not bad
for a kid battling cancer!

megan flew to town from chicago and i told
her to pop by the hilton so we met in the
lobby and i had her follow me home where
gary was preparing a nice dinner.
we sat up late and talked and looked a photos
until she needed to head out (she is shooting
a wedding at the st. paul historic museum today).
she’s worried that i will take over all the
bella weddings in minneapolis now that i am
certified with them. :)
thanks megan, for making the time to get
together. i know you had a busy schedule.
we will be down to see you very soon.
(NWA has like $50 one way tickets to chicago).

well, now it’s about 8pm and gary and i just
got back from a lite dinner at the green mill
and we are going to venture outside for a
little bon fire. ron and cindy are going
to join us….good night.

meet mark…

well, i never thought i would see the
day the i could love 2 men at the same time.
here’s my new camera! (shot, of course,
with my incredibly reliable 10D that
will NOT be put to pasture just yet).

it nearly killed me to wait the 2 hours to
charge the battery. OMG!!!
i used that time to read my manual
and locate everything. this capture
device is CRAZY cool, unlike anything
i have seen and everything they said
it would be!

upon heading out the door to dinner
with this camera in hand gary says…
“could you just leave it for once!”
and i’m like, “ahh…new camera
9th anniversary??”
gary won this one.

we went to campiello in eden prairie.
wow! why don’t we go there more often?!

this place, albeit in a strip mall,
is so fabulous! seriously!
first, they tried to seat us across
the table from one another and i
insisted, in that it was our anniversary,
that we sit next to each other.
soon everyone knew that it was our
9th anniversary and we were treated
like celebs!
our waitress, nicki, was incredible.
everything she recommended we ordered.
even the desert which to me tasted like
Christmas! sooo delicious.

thanks nicki for all the perfect
suggestions and making our anniversary
dinner a night we won’t soon forget!

oh, a shredded green apple/crushed walnut
and fetta salad with a balsamic/dijon dressing,
short ribs…pork tederloin in a fig
reduction, and this scrummy blueberry/almond
cakey~cookie thing with vanilla gelato!
holy hanna!! you gotta go…..NOW!!!

sorry, no photos cuz “herr gary” wouldn’t
allow me to bring it along…turd.
no, seriously…love you, mean it!

gotta run….again!

jacquie, call me the instant you are
on the ground tomorrow!!!!!! :)

some great people…

pressing some fare trade java this
morning (from dunn bros.)..yum, and
checking out bob and dawn davis’ blog.
i subscribe, so i get update information
sent to me automatically, it’s nice.
i love to see what they are up to.
they are my “bar”. these are real
people with a real passion and those
are folks i care to align myself with.

my next bella pictures wedding is
september 8th and i am working with
a bella coach to review my 8/11 wedding.
this is becoming a really terrific experience.
i won’t ever be one to say that i know
it all or that i’ve done it all cuz
i don’t and i haven’t. i never want to
stop pursuing more in the field of
photography. and besides, it changes everyday!

next, i wanted to share some of the fun
from the “after party” for the triathlon.
greg and mary sumner hosted a fabulous
bash! here they are in the kitchen…

here’s jennifer mixin’ up the smoothies..

here’s joe and jennifer cox, owners of
cornerstone grill~divine grilling & catering.
this meal was outstanding! i recognized them
from church…westwood community church.
if you have an event coming up PLEASE call them.
(612) 618-5653…this will be the best call you
ever made for catering your next party!!!

here’ the sumners other girls…
bella & tess. aren’t they gorgeous?!

tony schiller (race director), becky chepokas,
mitch’s mom, mary and another guest (?)…

i brought along my laptop to run a slide show
of the day, it was nice to have the rainy afternoon
to put that together and share it at the party!

it’s getting steamy here again. time to shut
the windows and turn on the air!

jacquie, i put you down at 5pm on thursday.

oh, i forgot to mention that my shootsac arrived
saturday. i’m looking forward to putting it
to use soon! yes, it’s kinda spendy but you
should see what i bought that cost nearly
the same. i returned that one and will now be
sporting my new, stylish shootsac by jessica claire.

this humidity is KILLING me!!!!!

miraclekids triathlon…

this’ll be short.
i’m heading out at 6:00am today
to lake ann in chanhassen to cover
the miraclekids triathlon.

this is the 3rd year that i will
be involved with this fabulous event!
wait…is it the 4th???
well, i’ve been there since the
beginning anyway. i lose track.

over 800 kids expected to participate
in this year’s event!! soooo cool!
anyway, the forecast is for rain and
i just won’t have it!
(altho’ i’m packing my golf~rain gear
just in case).

i’ll post more tomorrow (sunday).
but here’s some shots from last year…

the minnesota miracle families were
awesome and soooo grateful!
kudos to the hilton for another great job!
i actually toured the kitchen this time.
paul the souse chef gave me and julie
(one of the mom’s) a grand tour and it
was pretty incredible! (eric is off
visiting his family and was not in for
this weekend’s event).

my lens is completely and utterly every-
thing i expected and more!
i’ll post images tomorrow so check back.

after the hilton visit i met gary at
ciao bella for dinner…jimbo, as many
of you know is gary’s best friend, was
there for a couple of beers and then left
us alone to enjoy our “date night”….

gary and i had another bon fire last night
and just soaked up the silence!
a lovely evening…

LOVE my new lens…
check back sunday for triathlon images and
hilton family shots as well.

i LOVE my job!! :)

weather or not…

um, yea…that would be weather.
we got hit, yet again, with another
doozy of a storm. that makes for
3 in 3 days! we didn’t lose power or
anything like that (many more folks
did, however) and this time it came
through at a “reasonable” hour!
we turned all the lights off and
lit candles in the living room and
sat on the sofa and watched it come in.
(a bottle of cabernet would have been nice!)
SO electric! the sky was lit like
daylight through most of the storm.
all is well. however, gary was shouting
“c’mon storm, daddy needs new siding!”

jessica strickland. what can i say?
wow! she said that she doesn’t like it
when people say that she talks a lot.
so let me just say that jessica had
a lot of information to share. and respectfully
i must add that the room was hot (the air
was out in that end of the building) and
what she had prepared to share…seriously,
i wanted to hear….so i was thankful that
she was there to speak, had much to share and
in a warm room where it would have been
too easy to doze off in the back row,
i sat front and center and she held my
attention the entire day/evening!
thanks again jessica for taking the time
to come and speak to our group.
this was her very first speaking engagement~
you’d have never known had she not
divulged that information!

she spoke about a gadget that she uses
to tote around her lenses (designed by
jessica claire) called the shootsac.
something that i decided i needed to have.
i’m sick and tired of trying to locate a
safe place to lay my big bag with my lenses
in it. i’ll tell you more about it when
it arrives…i also purchased a new lens.
so i’m excited for fedex to get here this week!!
i feel a little like a junkie at my computer.

hilton families on friday and the big
miraclekids triathlon in chanhassen is saturday!

gotta run….

canon 580ex II…

i checked with ups this morning and my
new flash is out for delivery! i’ll have
it later today, then i can send my 580ex
in for repairs. yay!

i should also have baby elizabeth’s
portraits back from white house custom
colour today too. they “rush” for us
(nilmdts) at no charge. they are so wonderful!
if you are not currently working with
the folks at white house custom colour
and you are a professional shopping for
a lab, look NO further!! call them today!

i’ll be putting a dvd slideshow together
this morning when i get off the blog.

it’s a gorgeous day, as was yesterday.
cool (low 70’s) sunny~breezy!
enjoy it while it lasts…it’s supposed
to get steamy again real soon!

quiet day today. nice, actually.

tomorrow i’ll be at the Hilton to
photograph a 2 year old leukemia patient
as the family checks in for a relaxing,
worry free weekend there put on by the
Minnesota Miracle and the Airport Hilton.

after which, i will be heading to
megnan & randy’s rehearsal for their
saturday is looking
fabulous for saturday…not so hot and dry!
hoping to get some really terrific
fire house shots on the way to the
reception!! i hope they have a pole
for megnan to slide down!! :)

today is a gift, that’s why they
call it the present! :)