Gary and I saw the movie Milk last night. WOW!
True stories always seem to be favorites for me.
I will pray that Sean Penn receives the Oscar
for Best Actor! Amazing talent! We will be watching
the Oscars in Playa tomorrow night.

But first we have to clear all this snow
we got last night! What happened to 1-2
inches? Looks more like 5 to me. Sven…
At least it looks clean and, dare I say,
pretty outside again.

Brenda and Jorge are coming to pick us up
at the airport tomorrow! I can’t wait to
see them, Vaughn, Judy, Alejandro and the
whole wild Mayan bunch!
When you are in Playa del Carmen, please
stop in and visit these wonderful folks at
their restaurant on 4th…1/2 block west of
the famous “5th Avenue”. And bring your
dancin’ shoes! They provide live music every
night at AJUA (pronounced ah-Hoo’-ah!)
Jorge will salsa the night away with you in
the street and their staff will entertain
you like no other restaurant in town!

My sister is coming over this morning and
we are going to hit the gym together!
I think she just wants to come and see Boo!


February 7th…
One week down. That feels good.
Not to mention the warmer temps here in MN!
41 was the official high yesterday and with the high,
thin clouds I wonder what it could have been
without them! 😉

Had a great time at the Gopher Bar yesterday.
Gary and I were joined by Mike & John H., Mike O
and Tom R. This was Mike H. and Tom’s first
trip to the GB and I learned that first-timers pay
(apparently unless you have breasts!).

Gary and I later ran up to PUNCH PIZZA for our
“buy one-get one” and it was about a THOUSAND
degrees in there! Hadn’t been in awhile and the
pizza was still just as awesome!

Watched Gran Torino. I sobbed.
I don’t know why exactly, but I sobbed.

Well, off to the gym so I can eat at Reese’s birthday
brunch later this morning! ;P

Run Fatboy, Run.

This looks hilarious! Run Fatboy Run.
I can’t wait to see it!

Oh, also…another photographer,[b]ecker
(or just simply “[b]” to most) has posted this
quite silly political view by “the onion”.
I think no matter which side you are on,
you will find it to be quite truthful as well.
click HERE

Today G is coming over for a bit of a makeover.
She’s elected to color her hair a couple of
times in recent months and has gone back to her
reddish~brown hair color. Blonde has been a
real eye~opener for her. Altho’ we all like it,
it’s pretty tough and expensive to keep up.
Today we will weigh all the facts and consider
also that she has chosen to attend the
University of Missouri so we will need to select
a color that is a little less “maintenance” filled.
I’ll post photos tomorrow.

Owen turns 3 on Sunday. He is so funny.
He knows the order of everyone’s birthdays…
I asked him on Sunday, “who’s birthday is after
your birthday?” and he goes “Sue-Sue!” so cute.
Love him.


poor air quality alert in minnesota!

yesterday and today have proven to be
quite strange…warm, muggy and low
lying clouds which is making the air
quality pretty bad. i’m inside most days
but i guess it’s really awful out.

i’ll be heading over to the momf
board meeting today to bestow some
portrait gift certificates for the
board members..14 in all.
this is a gift from the foundation.

relaxing tonight with a fire.
didn’t get around to it last night
had to watch the finale of the
biggest loser!

gary’s niece, mariko, who graduated
last spring from usc film school just
got word that she got the job as the
1st assistant at the ant farm in los
angeles! best movie trailer maker
around…she’s pretty excited!!
kudos girl!!

day 2 @ bakers…

all is well here.
i have a cat on my lap (sugar) and it feels
like home already! altho’ i could really use
a bean grinder. i brought some yummy coffee
and i prefer to buy beans and so my next
house gift for anne & pete will be a bean
grinder (i’ll try to remember to bring mine
back with me later today). my mom & pete
like to mix all kinds of flavored stuff and
just grind it all up together at the store.
i’m a purist…i like plain coffee and plain
cream. flavored coffee to me is like putting
ketchup on filet mignon! :P~~~
i’ll suffer for one more morning.
today’s flavor is like a pumkin patch in a cup!

okay, so i got a call at 7am from my neighbor, susie.
apparently, my garage door was wide open, the all
the lights were on and nobody was home (no blonde jokes please!).
she ran over and shut it for me.
i called gary and asked if he was still at work
and he said “heck no, i’m in st. peter” (heading to south
dakota pheasant hunting). i told him what happened and
he was like…”well….?” let me tell you, if i had
run off all excited to get somewhere (like to, i don’t
know….um…let’s say, national camera and left
the garage door open, i’d get the riot act for sure!
thanks susie, for being on neighborhood watch for us!
i’ll be there from about 11 to 4 today working.

speaking of which, i met a really nice couple yesterday
that are desperately trying to find a photographer for
their december 22nd wedding this year. it’s the last
thing that they have to do and they had a long list
of photographers to meet with, starting with me.
they were fun and it sounds to me like they are keeping
things quaint and personal so it would be just a joy
to be there for them and photograph their wedding.
i’ll keep you posted.

gary brought pizza last night for all of us and after
the girls were done they went down to the theater and
selected “dumb & dumber” to watch before bed (see my
profile at the top and check out my top movies!)
we shouted out all the lines that we have memorized
over the years…it was really fun!
“…our pets heads are falling off!”
“it’s okay, i’m a limo driver!?
“samsonite, i was way off!”
“just when i think you can’t be any dumber, you go and
do something like this….and TOTALLY redeem yourself!”

9 went to the casino last night with bob.

oh, and it was so windy yesterday the we could have
tied a sheet to the roof of the house and flown to
paris ourselves!

i’ll try to remember to add some photos when i
get home. the girls want to call you in paris
this morning…it’s about 3 there right now.


michael clayton review…

a democrat, photographer friend tells me that
you should watch the first 10 minutes, go watch
another movie and then come back for the last
20 minutes~then your experience will be much greater
when you go to see michael clayton, starring george clooney.
this 30 minute time frame is,apparently, all you
need to enjoy this movie..funny..that’s pretty much
how i would describe 80% of the films.

hey, good news everyone! i feel terrific!
i ran next door last night to my friend jacquie’s
with a glass of cabernet in hand and she’s was
like, “hey, should you be drinking?”
no pain meds, no grogginess, this was a pretty
slick procedure..i can’t really refer to it as
surgery as no incisions were made.
but there’s something to be said for anesthesia!
it’s a wonder why we all don’t have procedures done
more often. some folks have what they refer to as
“hangovers” from anesthesia…not me.
i just really enjoy the “going out” process! :)
as coach on cheers would say, “it’s kind of a nice
break in the day.” :)

i’m going to meet the sumner’s later today out
at the arboretum for some fall family shots.
miraculously, today…the sun is out! it’s
been under the clouds for like a week and that
just really gets to me, i have to say.
i may bring my umbrella and pocketwizards along
for this one.

gary is heading out to a game farm west of here
to kill pheasants! he and a
rather large group of his buddies go out to
south dakota every fall/winter and get all
testosterone-y and shoot birds…i don’t know
how they can do it…he gets all of his cute
hunting clothes on…tan and blaze orange
(nice combo!) and off they go!
i guess i have to say that i enjoy the 5 days
that he is gone but….those poor gorgeous birds!

have a great weekend….

pirates of the caribbean????

well i, for one, did NOT go to the midnight
showing of pirates 3. the reviews are in
and i’m glad i got all my sleep last night.
perhaps i should be a critic…mostly
because it takes a lot to impress me.
i typically wait for dvd’s and then sit
and watch in the comfort of my own home!
i know…BORING!! but i’ll tell you what
i got really tired of saying “there’s another
2 hours of my life i’ll never get back”~
and THIS movie was 2 hours and FORTY~FIVE
minutes long! ugh! can you say “restless leg
my brother and his family went out last night
to see it, so i’m waiting to hear from them
what they thought. the girls just like
johnny depp, kierra knightly and orlando bloom
so they were probably just happy to stare at
them on the screen!

well, another friday, a beautiful one on tap.
weather in the low 70’s!

jacquie and i are heading to jabz and then
my birthday lunch.

have a safe holiday weekend everyone!