Blue, but better…

Yesterday morning I got an e-mail from Roger Poore
from the Rainbow Bridge. I made a donation in
Hobie’s name the other day therefore he has
added HOBIE to the list of supporters.

I am so grateful for all of my friends & family
that have risen up in support for Gary and I this
week. It has just meant the world to us.
Thank You.

I began working on the triplets Senior images…WOW!
Handsome, Handsome and Lovely!
To Adam, Max & Paige…thank you for the
opportunity and creating the ideal session
situation. I can’t wait to share them with you!

This morning I’m going through another Paige’s
senior portraits that I shot yesterday so that I can
get to the wedding images from today when I’m
completed with that.

I have a family shoot tomorrow mornings with one
on the way and a 2 year old darling little blondie~
I can’t wait to get to their home!
Then I get to cool it for the week and photograph
a couple of Seniors next weekend. I love this
time of year! Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!

I still have to find time to study for my SCUBA
certification. Looking forward to diving on my
own this year in Mexico! Soon I’ll be shooting
underwater weddings in the Caribbean! Woooo Hoooo!

Check out Paige from yesterday…

The Rainbow Bridge.

We have these friends, Ron & Cindy.

They live down the street. We get together
often and have some really terrific times.
Many times Ron will say to us, when the
night comes to an end,…”Hey, next time
we get together maybe we can have more fun.”
And we usually do.

These two seem to always surprise us with
the kindest gestures and with the loss of our
boy Hobie, I must say, their thoughtfulness
will be forever cherished right along with their

Last night, while on a walk with their boy

they popped by with a framed image and
memorial poem about The Rainbow Bridge.
I clutched it too my chest and began to cry.
I would need more time before I could read it.
Ron & Cindy, your kindness touches us deeply.
Thank you.

Also, I want to thank my newest forever friend,
Heather Lombardo. She is the head of NILMDTS
here in Minnesota. We’ve done a lot together and
she is a very special lady. Thank you for taking
the time to recognize our loss. The flowers look
so alive and gorgeous. I’ve set them next to our
framed memorial.

Lastly, we received a bouquet from Anderson Lakes,
our veterinarian, yesterday as well. Thank you for
your kind words. I know you will miss performing
all the enemas! You are all top notch, we appreciate
everything you do for us and our precious, furry
family members!

The outpouring of concern and love from all over
the world has left me speechless.

Gary and I are both coping and doing well.

My darkest day.

Hobie stopped breathing around 11:30 yesterday.
I asked that they keep him on the vent until
Gary and I could get there to say our goodbyes.
It’s just like everyone says…it’s so peaceful.
We laid our hands on him and the Dr. ran the
injection in to his line and we, together, felt
his last breath. We are devastated. Our hearts
are so very heavy.

Hobie decided to go on his terms. I expected nothing less.
Rather than having to endure the trip over to MVRS
and forcing us make the decision between yet another
major surgery or putting him to sleep~he spared
us the anguish and went on his own. Bless him.

Words cannot express how I am feeling.
I do know that every morning, I will ask God
to allow me to find the pure joy in knowing that
he is in heaven with no pain and eating whatever
he damn well pleases!

I miss his face, I feel is soul. He is happy.
We will never forget him, of course but I will
be struggling to find peace in the weeks to come

As my tears hit the keyboard, I am reminded by
both Boo and Katie (Hobie’s litter-mate sister)
that they would like to have breakfast, NOW.
Life goes on.

Thanks for all your prayers!
I’ll pray for you too ‘cuz I know that Hobie touched
so many other lives outside our own.

I’m photographing triplets today for their
Senior Portraits and the busy work will do me good.



Gary and I got up at 5 this morning
(normal for him…not me) and discovered
that Hobie, having been at the vet all
day yesterday and on pain meds, was
laying on his side, under my desk, pretty
unresponsive and super shallow breathing.

I called MVRS, the Dr.s come in at 9.
Knowing that Anderson Lakes doesn’t open
until 7, I grabbed an old beach towel and
set him in the front seat of my car
(he never moved or made a sound), and
drove to the emergency vet here in Eden Prairie.
I am so lucky to have such talent so close
to me…these are all spectacular people!

It’s dark, I pull up to a very large, well
lit clinic. I see that I am the only one
there and I walk around, get Hobie out, walk
to the door and hit the buzzer.
I’m then greeted and I begin to sob.
“This is Hobie, and he is very sick.”, I said.
“He has a very thick file at Anderson Lakes and
is a fan favorite at MVRS as well.”

We went into another waiting, and
they had me fill out some simple paperwork.
Not having my cheaters along and having tear-filled
eyes while resting my arm on Hobie, this was
a nasty task.

Right now they are warming him up, giving him
some oxygen and ran an IV for some dextrose
(his sugar was super low and his temp was 10
degrees too low…signs of being septic-a sign
that he may have a perforated bowel).
I’ll know more in a little while.

MVRS Dr.s get in at 9am and I’m certain that
we will be moving him later this morning.

Cold snap.

It’s 34 degrees outside. I’ve just
returned home from taking Hobie back
to the vet. I’m really beginning to
worry about him. He’s only 12 (June 1)
and I’m not ready to face any icky
decisions yet so I won’t even speak
about that.

Today I will attend the rehearsal for
this weeks event at Mystic Lake Casino.

Can I just say that it’s nice to have
Gary back home! I missed him this time.
Most times when he heads out on a trip,
I look forward to the quite…I mean,
sure I miss him and all but this time
it just felt different somehow. Guess
I’ll share that with him later today. :)

Hey, I did have some fun though and I
got so wrapped up in things yesterday
that I forgot to post these photos of
Saturday with the Bakers!

Emily insisted that we go outside for a
mini portrait session. So we did.
It was about 40 degrees and incredibly
windy so mini & quick!

Then we ran inside and grabbed a kitten
to warm up with!

Amanda got into the action too!

Then Anne thought it would be funny
to stuff them into my boots..UGG is right!

Back to work.

More rain

I know we need it but the last couple of
days were just so wonderful.
Well, this may be one of those “rainy day”
times that I always talk about….
you know, “the next rainy day I’m going
to tackle the…” yea, get something done.

Anne’s coming by with the kittens today
after lunch. We’ll see how Hobie & Katie
react to them. That should be some great

Hobie is back to his playful,loving self!
Gary is in Austin atBarton Creek with his
buddies on an annual golf outing.

Hey, Jacquie, I got the photos of you & Jet
this morning. UPS came at 9! wow!

Thanks Bjorn for chatting with me today.
I think that you will enjoy your new
found freedom….Just don’t forget to
get out once a day!

2 sick boys…

first, gary….
can’t sleep, can’t do anything,
can’t get vicodin to work, can’t
see his surgeon until the 31st.
i sat him down this morning and
handed him the phone and made him
call the office and request another
surgeon to see. he MUST be seen.
this is just awful. more later…
(he’s on the phone with them now)

next, hobie.
the cat with a colon the size of
my forearm! poor thing.
we were at the vet yesterday to
see dr. ginger..2 enemas, some
sub-q fluids and some abdomen palpations
and nothing. nothing at the vet,
nothing overnight…back we go today.

my friend megan is here (from chicago)
visiting family west of here and is
having her mom drop her off here
around 10. can’t wait to see her
and hang out with no weddings to shoot!
just some hangin’, shopping, girl-time.

hope she knows that she’s entering
the psych ward! YIKES!!
i gotta run…more later!

the heat is on!

it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity!
these are definitely pool or pond days.
mid to upper 90’s and humidity means
stay where it’s cool or find a pool!
thank goodness anne and pete were thinking
of all of us when they put their pool
in last summer!

waiting to hear about hobie.
i went for a visit yesterday and he
was so happy to see me.
i brought him the t-shirt i slept in
and a toy that katie had been playing
with so that he could have some
familiar scents around him.
i just sat with him on my lap.
then laura came in (one of the techs)
and she asked if she could take a picture
of me and hobie so she did…

here’s my man…he’s doing good.

hobie needs lots of fluids! he’s very dehydrated.

here are the x-rays that dr. g showed me…

clearly you can see why hobie has been
in all this pain and discomfort!
his stool is the size of a labrador’s!
poor baby!!

here’s laura and hobie…

i just got the call that i can go and
pick hobie up at noon today!
i will gladly postpone the pool for
a couple of hours to pick up my boy!

how many kool-aide stands have you
actually stopped at this summer?
i’ve stopped at 2!!
these are some neighbor kids that enjoy
doing it so much. they want to give their
proceeds to “bridging”..isn’t that cool!
ya gotta stop! it’s like a quarter!