February 7th…
One week down. That feels good.
Not to mention the warmer temps here in MN!
41 was the official high yesterday and with the high,
thin clouds I wonder what it could have been
without them! 😉

Had a great time at the Gopher Bar yesterday.
Gary and I were joined by Mike & John H., Mike O
and Tom R. This was Mike H. and Tom’s first
trip to the GB and I learned that first-timers pay
(apparently unless you have breasts!).

Gary and I later ran up to PUNCH PIZZA for our
“buy one-get one” and it was about a THOUSAND
degrees in there! Hadn’t been in awhile and the
pizza was still just as awesome!

Watched Gran Torino. I sobbed.
I don’t know why exactly, but I sobbed.

Well, off to the gym so I can eat at Reese’s birthday
brunch later this morning! ;P

St. Paul Winter Carnival 2009

Gary and I went into St. Paul on Friday
to meet some friends at the Gopher Bar for
a Coney. I brought my camera along to hopefully
capture some of the sculptors working on their
entries in the Ice Carving Contest. I was in
luck! They were all finishing up, it was
FREEZING, of course, but Gary obliged me by
dropping me off for a bit so I could get a
few shots. I don’t know when the winners are
selected but I enjoyed getting them in action.

Then it was off to the Gopher Bar to warm up
with a Coney Dog! This is a spot in which Gary
and his friends meet once a month so I thought
I’d tag along for the experience. I’m told that
the Gopher Bar is steeped in tradition and I
was able to soak it all in first hand.

It was 12:30 and packed with folks from all walks
of life. George, his wife and his staff cater to,
and supports heavily, the military, Gopher Hockey
and the Vulcans of St. Paul. This was no ordinary
“lunch spot” for sure!

It started with a shot of whiskey (to my surprise,
I had to be in on that tradition as well!).

I was told you can only place one order for coneys.
Adding to your order is frowned upon, or should I
say~not allowed…so we ordered 3 to split. It was perfect.

I was allowed all access to the bar and the grill.
George decided that I should be in a photo so I
handed my Mark III off to his wife…the result?

(me, George, John & Gary)

I think my job is safe! ;D

Now if you are offended by the “f-bomb” or
any sort of snide remarks…this is NOT your
place. However, I know that I will return
and if not before, for certain on and
upcoming Saturday in May when George will
hold “Gun Day”. On this day (ordinarily one
Saturday a month) everyone brings their guns
in and lays them all out on the bar…that
should be quite the photo op!

I look forward to going again!


Yikes,it happened! Our first official
snowfall. I got outside right away
knowing that if I waited to long, it
would all melt.

And, indeed, it is all gone.

I also wanted to post some shots from
the Sofitel from Thursday night. That was
some delicious fun! I won a couple of items
in the silent auction that I will be giving
as Christmas gifts. YAY!

I did not picture the auction items that
I won…so dont’ get all excited about the
wine or the mirror! 😀

J is coming over today for her birthday
hair and shoot! Not sure the shoot will
actually take place in that it is a very
blustery day, Pooh. We’ll see.

Brrrrr. Stay warm today